In case of modern lightened crankshaft production, it is difficult to satisfy both of keeping counterweight amount and removing the unbalance from counter weight. To satisfy both, it is effective that starting the crankshaft machining at the center based mass center.

400MBRZ is the mass center measuring machine for in-line four-cylinder crankshaft and in-line three-cylinder. 400MBRZ measure and determine the position of mass center hole automatically.

Measuring Station

The type of loaded crankshaft is selected automatically, and necessary calibration data is selected on the measuring unit. Manual selection of calibration data on the measuring unit is also available.

The crankshaft is rotated by spindles that they supported both ends, and it is measured the eccentricity between dimensional center and mass center. Measured eccentricity data is sent to the NC tool and machined the center hole based on the eccentricity data.

If the amount of eccentricity is over 2.5mm the crankshaft is determined NG.

Micro Processor Measuring Unit MMi-902MS

This is consisted measuring unit and panel computer with TFT panel.

Setting of MMi-902MS is available by touch panel operation. MMi-902MS can be maintained easily, since it has self-diagnostics function and module system.