More sophisticated technical developments lead to constantly increasing requirements with regard to balancing quality. The trend is clear: Higher performance is achieved first of all by higher speeds. Examples are high-speed tool spindles, electric motors, turbines, fans, universal joint shafts or paper rolls. You certainly see this trend in your branch, too. In fact, it is by balancing that such developments have become possible. Accurately balanced rotors allow a considerably higher performance-without any negative effect on the environment.


Axial thrust support

Supports thrust force caused by rotation of the rotor.


Roller carriages

Roller carriages are the solution for supporting a large range of different rotors: they can be adjusted with the help of a scale to the journal diameter of your rotor without any tools; their smooth surface avoids edge pressure and excessive stress on rotor journals.


Safety devices

Horizontal balancing machines are equipped with safety hold-down and/or negative load bearings to prevent the rotor from jumping out of its bearings due to excessive initial unbalance.


Photo-electric reference pickup

Detect reference signal from the rotor surface by means of reflective mark.


Vibration pickup

Super high sensitive electro-dynamic vibration pickup faithfully converts to electrical signal from mechanical vibration caused by unbalance force.