Vertical Balancing Machine for rotors up to 500 g
  • Precise unbalance measurement also for small, light rotors
  • Balancing in one or two planes
  • No time-consuming calibration runs through permanent calibration
  • Compact machine design, small space requirement and simple assembly
  • PC measuring unit with extensive operator prompting and direct display of unbalance or correction weight

Range of application

Measurement and correction of unbalance in rotors without their own shaft, in one or two planes. Typical examples of rotors are blank CDs, small blowers without self-propulsion, centrifuges, deflection pulleys, clutch components and rotating paint spray nozzles. A shorter spindle distance and protective shroud provide faster, safer and more accurate balancing.


  • Force-measuring, vertical balancing machine with permanent calibration and automatic operation
  • Designed for table-top placement, suitable for a seated operator
  • Balancing unit, measuring unit and control cabinet are mounted on a common base plate.
  • The dynamometer-mounted precision balancing spindle supports a removable adapter for centering the rotors and is driven by a flange-mounted electric motor.
  • The protective enclosure designed according to ISO 21940-23 is part of the standard equipment.
  • Measuring unit CAB 820 with coloured, graphics capable LCD-Display. Cache memory for 99 rotor data and extensive basic configuration for the different correction methods.

    Optional: CAB 920 with Windows operating system, TFT colour display with touchscreen function and vector view of the unbalance. Designed as network compatible embedded PC with memory card and permanent storage of the measured unbalance values. Simplest menu navigation in "Easy Mode“.