Crankshaft balancing machine
  • High-precision balancing of small and medium-sized crankshafts
  • Integrated circular transfer for internal replacement of crankshafts
  • Modern, energy-efficient drive and transport concept
  • Space-saving monoblock construction
  • Machine equipped with hook for quick commissioning
  • Fully-automatic machine design
  • Fast refitting to other types
  • Ergonomic operating concept

An easily accessible swarf carriage is integrated in the machine bed under the clamping station, which catches the swarf created during unbalance correction. The machine can optionally be equipped with filling level detection.

Optional drive usage. Simple, time-saving replacement of the individual drive.


The CENO fulfils all current safety and health requirements of EC directives and standards. The machine is CE-compliant and carries the CE symbol. The electrical design complies with DIN EN 60204 (VDE0113).

Energy effiziency

The CENO has been consistently designed for light construction, in order to reduce the mass to be moved. The smaller drives therefore used approx. 25 % less energy than comparable solutions.

By the use of minimum quantity lubrication, it has been possible to dispense with the complete coolant supply and preparation: no pumps, no cooling, no filtering, no costly environmentally-friendly disposal. The work pieces can be processed further without cleaning, and the swarf is sent for recycling without further treatment.

The intelligent disposal concept, in which the swarf is collected directly, removes the need for an energy-intensive swarf conveyor.