130 TBUR

Assembly Line

All steps in the wheel assembly combined in one machine:

  • Maintenance-friendly design: tires and trims are transferred on the same height
  • Identification and lubrication of tire and rim
  • Plausibility check (incorrect tire and rim combination)
  • Tire lay-on
  • Gentle assembly, especially with low profile tires and runflat tires (RF, DSST)
  • Torque measurement
  • Special tools
  • Point-to-point matching as optional
  • Tool set for runflat and DSST tires as option

Sequence of operations

  • Automatic transfer of the tires one by one into the lubrication station, combined with bead diameter identification
  • Infeed of rims one by one on a belt conveyor. Positioning and detection of the diameter and width for control of the mounting head and plausibility comparison with the tire. After lubrication of both rim edges transfer the rim through a lift-and-turn conveyor to the lay-on station
  • Tire feed from the lubrication station. Guided lay-on of the lubricated tires onto the rim.
  • Fast transfer of the tire and wheel to the mounting station
  • Center and clamp the rim, optimum positioning for gentle mounting of the tire with two independent push and hold-down elements, controlled by hydraulic axes.
  • Automatic adjustment of the mounting head in accordance with the previously determined values.
  • Mounting of the tire by 360° rotation of the mounting head with simultaneous guidance by the pressing elements for gentle mounting of low-profile tires. Separate or simultaneous mounting of the two beads is possible.
  • Further transfer to the optional matching and inflation stations