420 RBLR

Balancing Machines for Automotive Wheels
  • Modular machine design, optimally adapted to the job location
  • Semi or fully automatic sequence, flexible application through optional mixed-mode operation, short cycle times
  • Unbalance correction independent of the correction weight form; knock-on, clipmounted or self-adhesive are possible

Sequence of operations

  • Feed the wheel into the measuring station, center by the outside diameter, lower the wheel onto the balancing unit and clamp.
  • Measuring run to determine the unbalance amounts and angles, index the wheel and mark the correction angles.
  • Unclamp, lift and advance the wheel to the correction station.
  • Depending on the correction method in the correction station(s), knock-on, self-adhesive, clip-on weights or clamps can be attached manually or automatically. Sometimes the wheel is rotated to facilitate correction in the lower plane.
  • Move the wheel out of the machine and transfer it to the following station.