552 KBTU

Transfer Balancing Machine for Alternators
  • Modular machine design with integrated rotary transfer transport
  • Fully automatic sequence, flexible application, easy change over and fast faultfinding
  • NC axis control for all movements
  • Easy integration to all production lines
  • Powerful PC based industrial measuring unit

Sequence of operations

The lift-and-turn transport unit remains stationary with the carrying arm over the station. After starting, the gripper lowers and takes the rotors out of the individual stations, transports them through 72° over the following stations and lowers them.

The empty transport unit returns to the starting position and the machine functions run fully-automatically and in parallel in the stations.

Loading and unloading station:
The transfer unit automatically removes a rotor from the in-feed and replaces it with one from the checking station. This rotor is transferred either to the exit conveyor or to the OT conveyor, or fed back to the machine for a second correction step.

Measuring station:
The rotor is accelerated to balancing speed, stopped and indexed to the correction angle.
The unbalance value is calculated for correction and stored.

Correction station:
The rotor is indexed and corrected by polar or component drilling in 1 or 2 planes.

Checking station:
The rotor is accelerated to balancing speed and stopped. The unbalance values are calculated for further handling and stored. Rotors out of tolerance after the 2nd step (optional) that cannot be brought into tolerance are sorted out.