Safety class B, C

Protective Equipment for Balancing Machines according to ISO 7475
  • Modular design, easy to assemble
  • Effective protection, construction conforming to CE requirements
  • Adaptable for all machine sizes, also for many older balancing machines

Class B

A Class B protection device must be used when there is danger of contacting the rotor or parts of the drivesystem. Fans, bladed rotors or tooling fall into this category and require contact protection, such as a safety fence around the machine. Opening of the protective equipment must be inhibited while the rotor is spinning.

Class C

If you cannot rule out the possibility that parts of the rotor may come loose and break away, then protection class C is required. The penetration potential should be calculated from the size, shape, hardness and tangential velocity of the flying object. The correct protective equipment should be capable of safely stopping such parts.

Class D

The highest protection class is required when the danger exists that the entire rotor could burst during the balancing procedure.