BI 1 - 7

Over-speed test stands
  • Centrifuging rotors to the point of bursting
  • Disruptive resistant over-speed production with comprehensive safety concept
  • Drive with regenerative brakes
  • Implementation of tests with elevated or reduced temperature
  • Compact design, reduced installation expenditure
  • Flexibility due to modular drives
  • Unbalanced measurement for pre-balancing the test specimens


The test system of the overspeed test stand always is provided with an extensive safety concept in order to provide maximum safety in all situations. In addition to an extensive mechanical safety component such as burst protection, an effective cover lock protection or the clamping protection, all systems are equipped with a comprehensive electronic monitoring and error diagnostics system. During the test run, this system monitors permanently all relevant data such as speed, pressure, vibrations and temperature and compares it with preset values. If theses values exceed the thresholds, the brake procedure is instantly initiated. Generally, the shock sensor monitors the test run in order to initiate a breakage with maximum torque in the case of a burst.

Energy efficiency

With extensive creep tests, the energy consumption for the drive of the test body is very high – especially when ventilation losses occur. When using AC servomotors in the drive, during the brake operation, the energy can be re-fed into the network so that in comparison to other types of drives considerable advantages result from the costs of operation. The reduction normally is approx. 85%, with favourable conditions, they may be as high as 95%.