Horizontal Balancing Machines
  • Universally applicable through modular design
  • Safe handling through economic design concept
  • Full range of safety equipment for all protection classes
  • Easy change-over to different rotors

Special features

  • With the appropriate machine design and a suitable protection device the machines can also be used for high-speed balancing
  • Bearing force monitoring for automatic shut-down in case of overload
  • Contact-free measurement of concentric running of rollers
  • Graphical display of acceleration curve with 1f and 2f measurement (CAB 920)
  • Wide range of supplementary modules, e.g. for mass correction

Range of application

Universal balancing machines series HM6-HM80 are conceived for precise balancing of both rigid and flexible rotors.

Typical applications are:

  • Blowers and fans for a variety of industries
  • High-speed and low-speed rollers for paper and thin sheet production
  • Electrical short-circuit armatures and generators for the electrical industry
  • Separators / centrifuges for water processing