Dürr Assembly Products has been a supplier of marriage and axle assembly systems for many years.
Bolting and handling systems are an integral part of these assembly lines.

In accordance with the customer requirements, different concepts, cycle times and degrees of automation can be realized.

Our long-term experience, the large number of realized projects and the use of well-proven standard modules lead to safe processes with high reliability for our customers.

Our newly developed products x-bolt and x-gun have already been placed successfully on the international market.

For longer cycle times in the series production or for rework stations we have developed the x-bolt s – a manual nutrunner handling system which is easy to maintain. Standardized components allow optimally … coordinated versions for every case of application.

Our x-bolt is a fully automatic, modular and scalable NC-controlled bolting station. A large standardized pool of components ensures the solution for problems of accessibility.
An optimum between plant investment and flexibility.

With the multi direct bolting system x-gun we reach a highest degree of automation. Up to 4 bolting operations can be performed successively with one nutrunner. As the spindle extensions on the pallets are no longer required, the costs are reduced and the flexibility in the marriage process is increased.

With these products we are optimally prepared with regard to alternative drive systems.