With the experience made with more than 500 installed, manual, semi-automatic as well as fully automatic headlamp aiming systems in the end of line of vehicle producers. Dürr Assembly Products develops and sells systems which are adapted to the requirements of headlamp aiming at commercial vehicles.

In addition to gantry systems with an overhead clearance of 2.2 m for vans and minibuses, Dürr also offers floor-guided systems especially for trucks and buses with an axle load of up to 10 tons.

With a light collecting box which can be positioned automatically or manually at a Z-column and the Dürr automation software x-line as well as well-proven measuring algorithms the measurement of low beam headlamps, fog lamps and high beam headlamps can be performed in accordance with the legal regulations.

The semi-automatic screwdrivers which are available as an option have been developed by Dürr according to torque and speed characteristics especially for headlamp and sensor adjustment.

As an option the system can be extended by the setting and the testing of

  • Radar distance sensors with adjustment via an auxiliary mirror by modifying the light collecting box.
  • Infrared distance sensors by using a monochrome camera in the light collecting box.