Driver assistance systems in the vehicle lead to more security in the traffic. Therefore, the correct setting of the sensors of these systems is indispensable. Dürr Assembly Products has transferred its knowledge and its experience in the adjustment of driver assistance systems of passenger cars to the setting of these systems in commercial vehicles.

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintains the safety distance to the vehicle driving ahead while considering the selected speed. If there is no vehicle ahead at a critical distance the vehicle will be accelerated to the set speed. Otherwise it will be braked.

For a correct functioning of the ACC system the beam direction of the sensor must be adjusted with a tolerance of ± 0.25° related to the driving axle of the vehicle.

This can be achieved by a rotating mirror attached at the Z column which is aligned perpendicular to the driving axle measured in the wheel alignment stand x-wheel truck d.

With the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) a camera, which is attached behind the windshield of the vehicle, recognizes if the vehicle leaves the lane and warns the driver with acoustical or haptic warnings.

For the adjustment of the Lane Departure Warning a precisely manufactured target with a producer-specific pattern will be placed in front of the camera and aligned according to the driving axle of the vehicle. A lighting for evenly illuminating the target can be offered as an option.

For a process-safe setting with optimized cycle time of LDW and ACC at commercial vehicles, Dürr Assembly Products offers two solutions:

  • An automatically positioning gantry system with an overhead clearance of 2.2 m for vans and minibus
  • An automatically positioning floor-guided system for trucks and buses with an axle load of up to 10 tons.

For a common adjustment of LDW and ACC the target for the LDW camera and the rotating mirror for the ACC setting can be attached together at the Z column.

The required communication with the ECUs of the sensors for ACC and LDW setting will be executed via the steering wheel balance x-tronic balancer. Automation and visualization of the setting is performed by the software x-line which has been developed by Dürr.