With the wheel alignment stand x-wheel truck d Dürr Assembly Products has set new standards in terms of measurement and adjustment of the wheel geometry at trucks and buses with an axle load of up to 10 tons. Well-known manufacturers like Volvo, DAF, Paccar, Renault and Mercedes-Benz benefit from the great advantages of this test stand regarding quality, flexibility and cycle time. The world-wide unique principle with non-contact x-3Dprofile measuring technology covers automatically the high variance with regard to number and position of the axles and does without adaption of measuring devices on tires and frames.

Thus it is possible to measure operator independently vehicle parameter like toe and camber angle repeatable and traceable to national and international standards. The adjustment of axles is carried out due to manufacturer specific nominal values by using turntables.

The test stand offers an enormous advantage during the adjustment of driver assistance systems like Active Cruise Control (ACC) or Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Besides, it is added a floor-guidance with Z-pillar to the wheel alignment stand, on which the corresponding calibration plate is installed. In the process the calibration plate is positioned completely automated and via the steering wheel balancer the system can communicate with the control unit of the vehicle. This complete system permits the accurate alignment of driver assistance systems to the measured driving direction on the wheel alignment stand.

In addition to the alignment of the driver assistance systems the wheel alignment stand can be extended modularly by the head lamp aiming system x-light. Therefore a further Z-pillar with light collecting box is mounted on the floor guidance.

With the in-house automation software x-line it is possible to react flexible and quickly to customer requests.


As established product in the car sector the wheel alignment stand x-wheel meets the high quality standards of our customers worldwide since many years. With the x-wheel Dürr Assembly Produkts offers wheel geometry adjustment on the highest level also for the segment of the transporters and vans with an axle load of 2 to 3 tons. Due to the use of special components as e.g. wider floating plates with higher load capacity, wider lanes and modified wheel base adjustment units the wheel alignment stand x-wheel is adapted to the special requirements of the spectrum of transporters and vans in relation to bigger wheel bases and track widths as well as higher vehicle weights.

It is possible to combine the wheel alignment stand x-wheel for transporters and vans with the portal version of the head lamp aiming system as also with the floor-guided version of the head lamp aiming system x-light as well as with the equipment for testing and adjusting driver assistance systems.

As communication interface between test stand and the different vehicle control units serves the steering wheel balancer x-tronic balancer.