In the vehicles more and more control units area active and supervise innumerable functions. To check and calibrate these systems in the vehicle final assembly particularly for this task some optimized measurement and diagnostic device are required.

With the introduction of the product generation x-tronic Dürr Assembly Products offers the following innovative inhouse-developments:

  • x-tronic balancer, a mobile measurement device to support and optimize the adjustment of the wheel geometry
  • x-tronic carlink, a mobile ECU diagnostic interface

The x-tronic balancer is a combined system to measure the steering angle of vehicles (“steering wheel balance”) and to communicate with the vehicle control devices (ECUs).
With six function keys the balancer DI offer the additional possibility of user interaction (instruct, select, confirm). In this case, the test sequence is controlled by a host PC with x-line automation system.

The x-tronic balancer has been designed especially for the following applications:

  • Toe setting in the wheel alignment stand while taking the steering angle and the steering angle hysteresis into consideration
  • Calibration of ESP sensors, adaptive headlight range adjustment, level regulation, and much more
  • Performance of general electronics tests parallel to the wheel alignment

The x-tronic carlink is a compact and robust ECU diagnostic device. It is able to communicate simultaneously with several ECUs on the same and/or different bus systems. A host PC using x-line automation system controls the test sequence.

In addition to this, the carlink D offers a possible operator interaction (instruct, select, confirm) with a display and six function keys.

The x-tronic carlink has been especially designed for the following applications:

  • Wireless ECU diagnosis in test stands and process stations
  • Parallel communication with several ECUs on up to 8 physical channels (CAN, K-Line, …)
  • Test tasks with operator interaction (carlink D)

With the product generation x-tronic, Dürr Assembly Products offers a unique combination of hardware and software which has been developed especially for the case of application, while using standard operation systems and the automation system x-line.