New headlamp types in modern vehicles as well as different legal regulations worldwide require the use of sophisticated setting and testing technology.

Our headlamp setting system x-light meets these high requirements in an excellent way. It ensures a precise testing and allows semi-automatic or fully automatic setting of low beam headlamps, fog lamps and high beam headlamps. In connection with a wheel alignment stand x-wheel the setting of the headlamps is performed while taking the chassis geometry data into account. Due to its modular design and its high flexibility the setting system makes sure that even future requirements can be fulfilled without any problems.

The camera-based measuring technology allows the analysis and the setting of the headlamps with highest precision and reproducibility. Automation and visualization of the test system is realized by the software x-line which has been developed by Dürr.

As a low-cost standard device which on one hand has the same image processing performance as the x-light and on the other hand is independent of the usual degree of automation we offer the headlamp setting device x-light s. The optimum cost/performance ratio of x-light s is particularly suitable for increasing the setting quality of headlamps in production of small series, in CKD plants as well as in audit and rework sectors, and it is suited to fulfil the responsibility for documentation.

For further technical information please refer to the corresponding product information.