Modern vehicles today have driver assistance systems (DAS) as standard, which supports the driver actively while driving. In order to guarantee a reliable operation, these systems have to be adjusted precisely and aligned perfectly regarding the wheel geometry of the vehicle.

Therefore our modular DAS test stand x-DASalign offers ideal conditions.

A mechanical align unit serves as x-DASalign test stand basis, which optionally can be equipped with a laser measurement system, x-contour or x-3Dprofile, in order to determine the necessary vehicle parameter. Due to the addition of modular components the test stand can be equipped for the calibration of the following driver assistance systems:

  • Distance radar for adaptive cruise control or emergency braking system
  • Night vision assistant and adaptive light systems
  • Lane departure warning
  • Head up display
  • Rear views and/or all-round vision camera systems
  • Lane change assistant

Besides the stand-alone test stand x-DASalign many of the tests can also be offered in combination with a wheel geometry test stand x-wheel.

The automation and visualization of our products is effected by the software x-line which is developed from DÜRR.