Wheel alignment measurement and adjustment with highest precision.

Therefore our wheel alignment stand x-wheel offers ideal conditions.

The two non-contact measurement systems x-contour and the innovative three dimensional measurement system x-3Dprofile offer measuring technology with maximum accuracy and repeatability.
In connection with our steering balancer x-tronic balancer we guarantee a precise wheel alignment with horizontal steering wheel position when driving straight ahead.

Due to the modular system x-wheel, we are able to offer you an optimal solution for your requirements.
Starting from our basis "x-wheel mainline" to complex systems with full resp. semiautomatic adjustment.

With the x-wheel d we extend our range of products and like this we offer a solution for chassis geometry measurement in rework areas and special car productions.
The test stand is characterized by an attractive price/performance ratio and offers the same three dimensional measuring technology x-3Dprofile as our wheel alignment stand x-wheel.

The automation and visualization of our products is carried out by the software x-line which is developed by Dürr.

Further technical details please refer to our corresponding product information.


The rolling master is used to check the existing measurement process and stipulation of the repeatability of our wheel geometry test stand x-wheel.

Thereby machine capability investigations for the determination of the process capability indices can be effected irrespective of the influencing factor of the car.

A further possible application is to synchronize several wheel geometry test stands with each other regarding measurement.

The rolling master is equipped with known features with regard to toe and camber values. Each tyre rim has different, but fixed toe and camber values.

In order to check the height measurement at the fender skirt corresponding height measurement areas are fixed at the rolling master.

The necessary x-wheel system parameterisation and commissioning is effected by an employee of Dürr in the customer plant.