No matter if SKD, CKD or repair area: Even with a small investment budget you finally expect a high quality of your products. And you can expect the same from your fill equipment: Start with automatic filling processes with the known high filling quality, safety and process control offered by Dürr Somac.

Easy to operate: Our filling stations convince by easily selectable pre-programmed processes and ergonomic, well balanced and drip free filling adapters.

Easy to maintain: Failure diagnosis and sensor calibration are carried out conveniently at the display of our filling stations. All components are reliable and well accessible. Maintainability made by Dürr Somac.

Flexible adaptation: Dürr Somac filling stations are customised to your assembly process requirements with barcode scanner for vehicle identification and type selection and with ticket printer or network connection for the process data collection.

Overview filling fluids and gases:

  • Brake fluid (DOT)
  • Radiator refrigerant (Glycol)
  • Oil for power steering and hydraulic systems
  • A/C Refrigerant (R134a, R744, R1234yf)
  • PAG oil
  • Engine, axle, gearbox and differential oil
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Aqueous Urea (Urea, AUS 32, DEF, SCR, AdBlue®)
  • Compressed air (e.g. for air suspension)
  • Test and inert gas (e.g. for leak tests)
  • Fuels (gasoline, diesel, alcohol)
  • Diesel additive (Eolys®, DPX)