Compact Ex fuel filling stations are really safe: All hydraulic and all electrical components located in the fuel filling area are explosion proof and certified. The approved vapour sensor technology is part of the machine. You connect the filling station to your plant safety system via interfaces ready to use.

Benefit from our experience: With our Compact Ex fuel filling station you are not just buying a machine but also the know-how of our safety experts. We suggest a layout with all details and interface descriptions that make it easy for you to obtain the approval from your plant safety dept. and local authorities.

Flexible and extendable: Our Compact Ex fuel filling station is designed for two fluids (typically for diesel and gasoline). You can extend the facility with a 2nd machine and still use the same safety interlocks. So you can fill 4 fuels with a minimum required space and you keep your explosion proof area as small as possible.

Safety does not need to be expensive: Dürr Somac Compact Ex fuel filling stations are the cheapest solution for a safe fuel filling facility in a closed ambiance. There are no safety requirements for the air exchange rate. So you can minimise the extraction system and save additional cost.

Environment-friendly: Together with the fuel fill equipment we offer solutions for the fuel vapour balancing, extraction and condensation to reduce the emission of carbon hydride according to your requirements and the local regulations for work stations and emissions.

Get your diesel engines started: The compatible diesel bleeding and priming technology made by Dürr Somac is customised exactly to your vehicle system. A wide range of process combinations guarantees a good first start performance of the engines.