The performance of a high-end filling station in its most compact design: Use Compact filling stations with their best-in-class machine size of only 1250x850x1500mm for your vision factory.

They work with automatic filling processes that don't deviate from our ProLine filling stations in process time, operator time, filling quality and ergonomics. All components, measuring systems and filling adapters influencing the process are identical. Benefit from this potential in the cycle time range for CKD plants or rework areas.

Compact and extremely easy to maintain: All components are easily accessible and can be replaced quickly. All manometers, pushbuttons and valve isles are visible from the outside just as the filling level of the tank. The fluids are supplied from two drums with automatic changeover.

Flexible and fast: Up to two drip free pneumatically clamping filling adapters with integrated valves, ergonomically balanced for a one-hand operation are connected to the filling station via a valve quick connection manifold.
The filling adapters offer highest performance in particular for critical processes such as the brake filling: vacuum at the adapter 2 mbar in 20s, filling pressure up to 10 bar.

Individual and adaptable: We listen to your experiences and requirements and design your filling station with:

  • PLC control and display according to your plant standard
  • Barcode scanner, printer, network connection
  • Control devices communication (ABS/ESP) with vport or ASAM-GDI interface
  • Stainless steel drip pan, also with WHG certificate
  • Separate drum pump station
  • Mixing facilities
  • Water content measurement for brake fluid
  • Brake fluid degassing
  • Refrigerant recovery unit