Give your operator the optimum of robustness, size, weight and flow rate with pneumatically clamping filling adapters made by Dürr Somac. All our adapters are well balanced for a one-hand operation. The coated surface protects the adapters in the rough industrial environment.

Optimal valves:
The integrated valves of our filling adapters control the separate vacuum and filling lines as close as possible to the system to be filled. Each valve has only two sealing surfaces and you can replace the budget-priced valve core within two minutes. This will reduce your maintenance and spares cost. And the turbulence minimized design does not only increase the filling speed but also reduces the evacuation time.

Measuring at the vehicle system:
The integrated vacuum / pressure sensors within the adapter head or via a measuring line allow the control of the filling process as close as possible at your system, and therefore as fast and precise as possible.

Always the correct adapter:
Each fluid or gas has different requirements regarding the filling process, and therefore the filling adapter, too. That's why you do not get one adapter for all but the best adapter for each fluid system. Especially for critical processes like brake filling: with a vacuum performance of 2mbar in 20s at the adapter output and a filling pressure up to 10bar you can reach first-class quality in the shortest process time.

Our new adapter generation:
G³Blue filling adapter are available for all standard filling fluids and are used at new filling equipment by Dürr Somac. You can also use the advantages of the G³Blue adapters at existing older filling stations by means of different retrofit packages. More information