Get the future filling of vehicle systems at your assembly line: G³Blue – the new generation of filling adapters by Dürr Somac.

Your advantages at a glance:
Faster: up to 20%
Lighter: average 20%
More ergonomic: new benchmark
MTTR: halve
Maintenance: new benchmark

New handle:
The new G³Blue handles set standards concerning ergonomics. There are two types available (in-line and ergo handle) that can be replaced by each other. The right choice depends on the position of the operator in relation to the adaptation position at the vehicle.

The handles have two shells and therefore can be easily assembled and disassembled. In addition new materials, rounded edges and an oval handle shape improve the handling
signifi cantly. There are up to 4 colored LEDs to visualize the process besides the solid push buttons.

The know-how within:
The adapter heads consists of a coated aluminum alloy. That is why they are light weighted but resistant against damage. The adapter heads are modular designed and consist of a valve unit, clamping drive and reservoir adjustment. There are different clamping methods for internal clamping with sealing ring and external clamping with clamping claws or sealing ring available.

G³Blue adapters are the fi rst fi lling adapters that have an integrated mini USB as standard. The integrated electronic allows the access to production and service information and with the help of the G³Blue Advanced Software, a 6 point calibration of the integrated pressure sensors. All calibration data is left in the adapter therefore the calibration is independent from the fi lling station. The adapter counts the filling operation and is able to request preventive maintenance via the equipment MMI.