Fast cycle times and short operation times reduce your manufacturing cost: Line filling stations made by Dürr Somac keep up with your assembly line speed and your effenciency objectives. Minimise non-productive time between two processes: With a return speed of up to 40 m/min the filling console is ready for the next process in a short time – without any perils for your staff.

Benefit from our success to reduce your cost: With Dürr Somac line filling stations you buy time optimised automatic filling processes that will be adjusted to your fluid systems. We find the best fluid combination and line-balancing for efficient filling processes in your assembly line.

Our customer is the operator: Our drip free pneumatically clamping filling adapters with integrated valves are ergonomically balanced for an one-hand operation and they offer a high flow rate despite their low weight. The color coded adapter supports are optimised for a fast and easy handling. Even if your model mix requires a higher number of fill adapters, the operator will still be ahead.

Made for industrial use: Expect a high uptime thanks to components that did prove their reliability over years. We use stainless steel for tanks, piping and drip pan (on request with WHG approval). Fittings allow easy exchange of components, nothing is welded.