Optimize the space requirement at your assembly line: The synchronously moving console of the ProLine filling stations with operator panel at eye level contains only components that need to be close to the vehicle to achieve best performance. The operator always has an overview about the filling processes and his work station.

Modularity with a concept: Components that do not have to be close to the vehicle are installed in a modular cabinet system requiring a minimum line space but providing good accessibility. All electrical connections are plugged for quick installation and easy extension.

Fill all fluids at one place: Combine all common filling fluids or gases in one ProLine filling station and so reduce the number of required stations at your assembly line. Thanks to our no-zone concept for the R1234yf filling modules we can also combine all refrigerants in one ProLine filling station and that for up to 4 consoles per filling station.

Reduce the complexity for your operators: Fill R134a and R1234yf with only one console via our patented Twin A/C filling system and our Twin A/C filling adapter.

Ergonomics brings efficiency: The filling adapters can be provided at the same pick-up point by adapter handling systems no matter if you have parallely moving consoles next to the assembly line or an overhead solution.


Overview filling fluids and gases

  • Brake fluid (DOT)
  • Radiator refrigerant (Glycol)
  • Oil for power steering, hydraulic and damper systems
  • A/C Refrigerant (R134a, R744, R1234yf)
  • PAG oil
  • Engine, axle, gearbox and differential oil
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Urea, AUS 32, DEF, SCR, AdBlue®
  • Compressed air (e.g. for air suspension)
  • Test and inert gas (e.g. for leak tests)
  • Fuels (gasoline, diesel, alcohol)
  • Diesel additive (Eolys®, DPX)