If you are searching for innovative solutions for your tasks in the range of filling equipment and filling adapters, Dürr Somac is your competent partner for your filling processes.

As an equipment supplier for the automotive industry, automotive suppliers, manufacturers of commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural machines and special vehicles we have a long experience in the project planning and design of filling stations and filling adapters for different operating conditions. These are ideal premises for innovative ideas.

The list of innovations in the range of filling equipment and filling adapters launched by Dürr Somac is long:

  • The first combined filling station for all vehicle systems
  • The first filling adapter with integrated valves and sensors
  • The first serial ABS communication for dry ABS control devices
  • The first wireless electrical brake leak test device
  • The first brake filling station combined with brake leak test device
  • The first OBDII diagnostic plug with integrated ECU / control unit communication

were developed and launched into the market by Dürr Somac.

But Dürr Somac is able to do more than that:

  • The first fully and semi-automatic filling stations in Europe
  • The first online measurement of the water content of brake fluid
  • The first fueling station with robot and 3D camera guidance
  • The first data management system for filling equipment with vehicle tracing and automatic equipment activation
  • The first air conditioning leak test system with 2 measuring points
  • The first combined filling station for Diesel prime and Diesel bleed /prime processes
  • The first R744 filling station for vehicle air conditioning systems and the related special adapter
  • The first Urea filling station for the use in passenger cars.

Dürr Somac is the worldwide leading manufacturer for filling equipment and fillings adapters for fluids and gases with a quantity of approximately 2.000 filling stations delivered in more than 35 countries. Our main values are quality and experience, a fast acting service and innovative ideas.