Quality with safety

Our measurement and test technology products guarantee a reliable and verifiable analysis of your vehicle systems and processes. By means of our leak test equipment you can detect smallest leaks in vehicle systems already before the filling starts and so you can reduce your costs.

Brake testing by the market leader

You experience a new flexibility for the brake testing due to our wireless test heads. Our systems can distinguish different failure sources for each vehicle model, e.g. embedded air within the brake system, smallest leaks and mechanical failures. So you will find the reason in case of variations very fast.

Secure process results permanently and analyse them according to your criteria

Dürr Somac process data collection systems detect changes in your process results and help to counteract in time. We provide structured software modules for the central data management of your filling and testing equipment and for the communication to superior systems.

More than ABS control

Using our interface module vport you can control several electronic control devices in vehicles simultaneously and integrate test and download processes into filling as well. And you can also dispense from the cable between filling station and vehicle!

You think about a central control of all process steps?

For the standardised connection of the test technology to the filling station we have developed interface modules and drivers according to ASAM-GDI standard and use them worldwide.

Processes and tests

  • Brake leak testing
  • Hand brake setting
  • ABS control / Control device communication
  • Leak and tightness testing at vehicle systems and vehicle components to be filled
  • Valve testing
  • Collection and analysis of process and quality data
  • Software for the data exchange between filling stations and measurement and testing facilities