Secure quality, reduce production time:
Our know-how in testing vehicle systems and components before the installation or filling guarantees a high product quality and reduces rework.

In combination with leak detectors our leak test equipment contributes to the increase of process safety of the whole test of vehicle systems and makes the test operator-independent.

Variable equipment design:
Dürr Somac consults regarding the integration of leak test equipment in your assembly line.

Our leak test equipment is integrated into your assembly line with movable consoles or as fix equipment according to your particular requirements. We also offer mobile equipment in compact design for tests in rework areas.

You want to test individual components regarding tightness?
By means of our equipment you are not only able to test completely installed systems regarding tightness and function. But you are able to test individual components, such as hoses, heat exchanging devices or valves before you install them in particular designed equipment.

Document the results of the tests:
You always guarantee the proof of product quality via our process data collecting systems.


  • Leak test equipment
  • Tightness testing equipment
  • Valve testing stations