Secure quality:
Our systems for the collection and analysis of process data guarantee a reliable and verifiable evaluation of filling and testing processes in your production.

You can detect changes in processes at an early stage via the included statistical procedures and this provides the possibility to counteract in time.

Our process data collection systems are available in different expansion stages:
Structured software modules allow the central data collection of your filling and testing equipment and the communication to superior systems.

Minimise unproductive times between the process steps:
The extension of our process data collection system with vehicle tracking provides an automated type classification and reduction of additional identification systems at individual stations.

ASAM-GDI drivers for filling equipment

You want to keep your process know-how in-house?
Our ASAM-GDI drivers for filling stations offer you a standardised interface for the connection of test technology to filling stations.

Filling processes and the corresponding control device communication become transparent and standardised.

During the filling processes you can execute additional operations at vehicle control devices.

The use of standardised test technology reduces the expenses for maintenance.